Thursday, 1 January 2009

Scheduled Post: What I'm wearing

According to my thermometer, it's -45°F, which is cold by most measures. Going outside for chores requires preparation, and taking a page from Avery's book, here's what I'm putting on for a few hours in the out of doors.

Base layer: Boxers, REI MTS heavy fleece pants, Poly-pro t-shirt, Fox Creek Wool Socks.
Mid layer: Carhart Flannel Lined Blue Jeans, Flannel Shirt, my LARS hoody, keeping my Marmot Reactor microfleece along with me just in case.
Outer Layer: Carhart Extreme Biboralls, Baffin Barneo winter pac boots, Columbia Interchange Parka, Loki fleece face mask, A wool lined poly-hat, and a pair of ancient mittens only identifiable as `Zeno.` Or zero. I'm not sure.

The one thing I don't like is the Columbia Interchange parka. It's too light weight. Big Rays sells modded jackets with extra insulation for Fairbanks, but if I bought a new jacket, I'll probably go with one of those mountain hardware down jackets. Columbia doesn't sell the interchange jacket itself, anymore. But since my hat and mittens are getting oooooold, those are going to be the next in line to get changed out. Especially since the mittens are a) my brother's from many moons ago so b) way to big for me.

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