Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The Pub Line

This looks to be the best idea to reach Fairbanks, ever.
Even better than electricity and occasionally working American Automobiles.

FAIRBANKS — A Fairbanks entrepreneur wants a license to sell alcohol in an old school bus he uses to shuttle bar-goers around Fairbanks on the weekends.
My only concern is making sure that the driver is separated from the people on the crawl. Other than that, it's an even better idea than having the Pub on Campus. They should hook up with the bus system, so they can stop at the central terminal. People could come in the bus-lines and go home without driving! It's brilliant!

Sadly, things seem to have broken down in the comments sections, between people who thing the only thing wrong with this plan is there isn't enough blackjack involved, and people who want to get all moralistic and impose their religiosity on others.


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

I'd get a season ticket if I were you! Or if I were me for that matter.

Ouch! I just noticed it's -34 up there right now... It's only 5:30 am here, the sun isn't even close to being up and it's 99 F.

KC said...

I think it's a bit warmer than -34F. My thermometer at work says -33°C, which I /think/ is a bit warmer than -34. It's in the `starting to get actually cold` range, though. Winter jacket is still ripped up (thought about fixing it with ducttape), so I had to put on two fleeces and my light weight jacket, since it was -37Cis around my home this morning. Had a case of square-tires-itus to boot.