Monday, 5 January 2009

Things that do not like this weather.

I think I'm going to try my hand at a list of things that don't really work past -40. At low temperatures, things just decide to give up the ghost. At really low temperatures, important things in your house start breaking. When it gets cold, Alaskan's start navel gazing; with that in mind, here's some things most people wouldn't think of not working.
  • Bubble Levels.
  • Truck Fan Belts.
  • Cheap Ski Goggles.
  • Skis or Snowboards.
  • Air Compressors. (I won't double dip by adding `oil atomizers`).
  • LCD Screens.
  • Cameras sealed with Camera Grease.
  • Ducttape.
  • Propane Tanks.
  • Traditional Toilet Seats. (God save the person without blue foam!)
  • Garden Variety Extension Cords.
  • Plastic Buckles, Snaps, and plastic slidey string balls.
  • Shopping Cart Wheels.
  • Elastic or some Bungie Cords.
  • Christmas Lights Timers (or at least mine doesn't).
  • Apparently (I found this out last night) Pole Mounted Transformers can go `boom` much more easily.
  • Composite Axe Handles. (Another recent discovery!)
  • Most engines with an electric start (beyond cars).
  • Camal Backs.
  • Pens - and plastic pencils snap easily.
  • Most pieces of unsealed optics, such a binocs, spotting glasses, jeweller lens.
  • 99% of Electric Thermometers.
  • Moleskin.
  • Regular shoe soles (Hat tip to Avery for pointing this one out to me).
  • Tires.
  • Some sorts of motion sensors.
  • ATMs

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Arvay said...

I'm very sad that the bear at the Geist entrance has lost his head. Would you like to do a repair job with me? I can spray the water, you can stick the head on. :)