Monday, 23 February 2009


There's an internet meme going around where you take a picture of your desk and post it (where your desk is supposed to be a reflection of yourself, I suppose). Since I'm in the office mostly today, here's mine:
In that vein, I have no clue what my desk says about me - other than I have a landslide of papers, and I need food to work. I took the picture at a jaunty angle, so you can see my half a billion maps and references I have taped to my wall. I've got the 1:250 layout for the state, habitat type for the state, GMUs for the state, caribou herds for the state, a map of prince of wales island's middle, caribou around the whole arctic, a diagram of the mitochodria's DNA, a calendear, no fewer than three phylogenies (Caprinae, Cervidae, and cervids with dates), four stickie notes with indeciperable reminders exhorting me to do things a year ago, a list of phone numbers, and a sheet reminding me what my own address is.

I suppose all those maps and so forth means I have a hard time remembering where things are. :p

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Anonymous said...

Landslide of papers? It actually looks pretty minimalist to me. I think people who knew me growing up would be shocked at the permanent disheveled state of my desk.