Sunday, 8 February 2009

Wild and crazy.

This weekend has been one of the more physical, most mentally demanding, and just plain bizarre times to date. I drove absurd distances, shovelled enough snow to build a cabin sized hill, ended up broke down outside of Minto, got `bumped` off the road by a semi trailer on the Dalton, had to pull people out of the ditch (had to be pulled out myself), chased moose through deep snow, got made fun of by moose (don't ask, but they were clearly mocking me), and got racially profiled (Or so I was told).

I reek of gasoline.
I ended up talking to a random person in the butt middle of nowhere about why Eugenics doesn't work, and why NCBL is a joke on America.
I was told to get bent in new and exciting ways.
I unwillingly played chicken with a grader/plough.
I wrote a post being vague about what a crazy weekened I've had in bloody clothes.

I really, really, really need a weekend to recover from this weekend.

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