Friday, 13 February 2009

Yukon Quest Rookie

With the home town hero, Lance Mackey, not racing in the Yukon Quest, who are we supposed to root for?
I'm going to root for this guy here.

Gatt said Wednesday that he met Melville at a dinner with Quest officials in Whitehorse, where the businessman invited him to visit Jamaica. Gatt accepted, and once there, “Danny came up with the idea it would be possible to run the Yukon Quest with a Jamaican musher. He needed to find somebody that knew how to do it so he approached me,” Gatt said.

Marshall, 25, is proving to be a quick learner. He placed seventh and won the sportsmanship award at the 2008 Percy DeWolfe Memorial Race. This season, Marshall was 21st among 47 starters at the Sheep Mountain 150 and 13th in an extreme Copper Basin 300 that featured frigid cold, a stretch of open water and sugar-snow conditions. Like any rookie, he’s had accidents but nothing catastrophic.

I love rooting for people with class, like Mackey, or the Wings, and I like people who are good at what they do. But I want this guy to place because it's just such a great story.
Go Marshall!

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