Monday, 2 February 2009

Two hypotheses

First hypothesis - there is some evil terrorist or Muslim evangelist targeting little girls through patterns in baby babble, because we all know young girls love to repeat baby babble to themselves. There is a conspiracy by Nintendo to cover up this ebil do-er's doings. This one, brave woman is standing up to the system. Standing up to The Man.

Second hypothesis - Pareidolia strikes again. Both the doll and the computer game bought stock sound tapes from the same company - you notice this all the time, when you start to listen for it in movies (there seems to be only a few different variants of `shell casings bouncing` recorded). The woman is an overprotective wackaloon.

Occam's razor says we should go with the hypothesis that makes the least undemonstrated assumptions. One hypothesis is full of unfounded assumptions. The other full of stuff we see everywhere else. I'll let you pick which is which.

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