Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Spare a thought...

Spare a thought for this poor dog.He's forced to live his life near/at the Turtle Club, eating leftover prime rib every single night. The thing was so well fed he had problems walking more than a few feet. I went to the Turtle Club for a friend's birthday, and the qimulvak was visibly confused when we didn't feed him any of our leftovers.

I bet he's only 4. :)

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tundratantrum said...

I went to the Turtle Club a few years ago. Awesome food and plenty of leftovers. Walking out into the parking lot I was approached by a big fat rottweiler. I was nervous about his intentions until he came over and sat right in front of me, ears cocked with great interest. I realized he was begging. I gave him some of my left overs and he was happy. He would even follow commands to "sit", "down" and "shake" for a morsel. He then went to the next group of people exiting the restaurant and did the same thing.