Monday, 16 February 2009

A hot cup of... what?

What's the non-alcoholic drink of choice in AK? In the bush, and lots of the road system, it's not coffee like most people would guess. It's tea. Tea is popular in ways most people outside wouldn't guess. The big one is lipton, but people love Hidden Stash too. People buy lipton by the bulk, and go through it as quickly. Part of it is, in a lot of places if you show up to someone's house, you'll get offered tea (and frequently food, but this is a post about tea). 9 times out of 10. I promise you, if you show up at my house, I'll offer you tea. It's just sort of what people do. Now, I have coffee too. In fact, Kuuvviarsugtua. Taugam, instead I'm having tea because I didn't think through breakfast. The hidden stash orange one.

Somehow, in my upbringing, I got it in my head that you shouldn't accept what people offer you, because it's inconveniencing them, or being a burden. But the saying is out here, if someone offers you food, you make room in your stomach - it's rude to refuse. It makes it awkward for me, because to be polite, I have to act in a way I think is rude.

I blame my parents, society, and TV. Oh, and the devil's music.

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Arvay said...

Also, when you give people tea, they chug it down immediately, even if it's still BOILING hot. I've finally gotten over cringing at that one.