Tuesday, 17 March 2009

"I breath normally. I also $*%* normally!"

So, there I was, heading out to load my truck before I head on out to work. I haven't had breakfast, even a cup a tea or a bit of pilot bread, and I'm fairly tired because I woke up and watched my alarm clock for a half hour to make sure all the salmon we put in the toner didn't effect it... don't ask, it was a weird dream, and it took me a while to realize it was a dream.

"Hmm" I think. "That tree is moving."
I stare at the tree for a moment.
"Hmm." I further think. "That tree has that other tree nursing from it."

It took me another half second or to put 1+1 together, in which time the Cow decided she really didn't like me being that close. She laid back her ears, putting on her angry face, and I proceeded to get the hell out of there, while trying not to defecate myself.

I took the picture from inside my cabin. It's slightly blurry because I used a long exposure time, and then blue-corrected it. I'm waiting for Ms. Tuntuvak and her kidlets to leave, so I can leave.

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