Friday, 13 March 2009

Soylent Tofu is people! People!

PETA continues its unrelenting war against sanity, plotting to release a brand new, much sought after commodity into the world market place: George Clooney flavoured Tofu. I had to re-read three times to make sure I got it right, because the idea is so confusing... but so obvious! Who wouldn't want a block of George Clooney in their fridge? If they make this, I'd buy a dozen, and make a little tofu statue of George Clooney in my home. And we'll bake him, and have him for Quyavik like a TofuTurkey, but with better acting credits.

I don't think I need to say this is hitting on a big market of people who want to date George Clooney, but can't afford to get the actual flesh of George Clooney. Brilliant! And after you take your ToFlooney home from your date, and he's stiffed you on the bill, you can fry him up with some rice and have TuFlooney stirfry.

Tip of the dingo hat to Dave

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