Monday, 23 March 2009

Shipping fall down go boom.

Trying to do biology in a state like here is a tricky business. One of the many reasons this is true is 'cause things are not next to each other. You have to do a lot of shipping. Actually, thats true for not-biology things too, if you live in the village. Because of all the shipping, and stuff you only find around here, you run into a lot of excuses for why stuff hasn't shipped.

In the summer, for example, trophy hunters sometimes bump samples off the plane with all their meat (some of it you know will go back to New Jersey, get freezer burnt and then be thrown out. Which makes me sad).

Or, like today, you get a nicely worded email saying they won't ship yet because of a volcano. I bet people in Kansas don't get that excuse often. :)

Here's some gratuitous pictures of mushers behind my home.

The last musher in the pictures got kinda crash-y, yesterday. The dogs got all tangled up! Oops. It's out of focus because I was trying to get back home, and I only snapped it quickly.

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