Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Not quite the gravy train.

I often read about how science is a cushy job for the fat cats on the gov't dole - usually from people who don't like something a scientist just said. Given most scientists I know (i.e., the employed ones) usually pull 50 hours a week earning less than they would if they went into some other field, I can't help but laugh at this assertion. I bring this up, because I've read two rather contrarian points of view today.
  1. Is science a good career? According to this author, not in the least.
  2. Penelope Trunk advises college students to not try and dodge the recession with Graduate School.
  3. The APS has an essay on how leaving a career in science isn't nessicarily a bad decision.
I think Penelope Trunk misses the target just a bit, and I had to laugh at her assertion that `you'll learn in any job,` followed by her story of avoiding killing bunnies. Not all education is created equal!

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