Thursday, 12 March 2009

Morning disarray.

Well, I'm writing this post while being distracted by Dave's `find the birds` picture. I've found one of the two stealthy birds, which leaves just one between me and fabulous prizes. Also, I'm fending off the urge to cook up some spam and eggs, after another blog on my list got spammed. Here's some random thoughts:
  • I will not touch this story with a 10 foot not touching pole, exactly as I predicted.
  • Scientists in Russia have found some of the missing Romanov children. Of course, this won't stop any conspiracy nuts out there, who'll say the Real Tsar is still out there. :)
  • I haven't had a chance to read the decision, but the Board of Game is allowing moose hunt on the lower Kuskokwim again. I'll read at how many, and exactly what areas when I'm at work. I understand the huge pressure to open this area up to hunting again, since it's a critical subsistence resource. But my wildlife management side of my brain hopes that it's sufficiently limited this year, so they can recover even more.
  • I had a strange dream that I was getting an award for launching a young teen through the air and getting them through a hoop using a catapult and explosives. Like a free-throw contest but with people. Usvipaa. The stranger thing is that in my dream, there was a Red-Head I once knew a long time ago, named Charlie. Except I could only call him Kavirliq, which means `red stuff.` Pretty much every redhead has that as a name. Or all the ones I know - three that I personally know are Kavirliq, and two people who I have never met (one of which is sadly passed on).

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Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

I thought of you when I read this :)