Saturday, 14 March 2009

Recipy: Blue Moose Burger

I've just had the best burger in years. Of course, by the time you'll read this, it'll be `I've had the best burger in years the night before.` Dang timed posts! I dimly recall watching the contestants make a Blue cheese burger on Hells Kitchen, and going `hey, that looks really good!` Since I was due for a shopping run (I'm out of frozen onion, and... pretty much anything other than meat and tea), I scribbled down some notes.

Cue today. I get a box of stuff shipped, my truck fuelled, I shovel some snow, and then I sit down with my shopping list. "What the heck is this stuff?" I ask myself. It doesn't look like the makings of anything tasty. But oh! It starts to come together in my head like it did last night: A shining vision of ground moose stuffed with cheese and garlic, topped with what-passes-for-fresh tomato. This. This was a mission from god.

First thing, I used ground moose (90% moose 10% suet). You can use whatever you want, but I love the taste of moose. Nothing makes better ground than moose. With my recent moose, I don't even have a scrap of beef in the house. Needless to say, you can use beef as you please. Next, I took that ground and I added an egg and a half cup of blue cheese. The Egg acts as a binding agent. Add in diced garlic, onion, ground mustard, and just a pinch of pepper. Add to this about 1tbs water, and a kunckle's worth of of bacon fat per-quarter pound. Mmm. Bacon. If you're cooking beef, you don't need the bacon fat - moose is rather lean. Mix them all up with your hands, but try not to lick your hands clean. You could grill this, or cook the paddies in a pan greased with bacon drippings like I did - honestly, you can't go wrong with bacon drippings.

Top this with fresh, crisp bacon, a slice of tomato, another bit of onion, lettuce, and you have yourself a burger. No, you have more than a burger. You have the burger that will end wars, and bring peace to the middle-east. You can taste the moose, you can taste the blue cheese, you can taste the bacon, with all the main players backed up by team of subtle flavours which make you want to scream `Yes! This is food!"

... yeah, I enjoyed my dinner. Why do you ask?


Alaska Steve said...

Oh man, that sounds great. Between me being on a diet, and not living on the mainland anymore (no moose in the freezer, just cod, scallops, blueberries, and crab) this had my mouth watering!

KC said...

Go with beef! There's no reason it can't be done with cattle, eh? Well, besides the diet thing. Gosh, some cod would be nice for lunch, about now...