Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Parka Plans

What gets me excited? Aside from science, beer, really good food, and taser (I guess that's excited in the wrong way)?

A new parka ruff. I worked really hard for this one, and traded and sold until I got exactly the right one. My one complaint is the tailor who sewed the zipper on got too much of the wolverine caught in the zipper teeth (I went with Apoc. Designs to attach it, since they're a good bunch - also, I can't sew that good.) It's perfect for all this wind we're having around now! Next time I'm heading out to the river, I'll be that much better equipped!

I was disappointed, though. As I strolled into my office, one of the grad students, one who works with fur-bearers to boot!, failed to comment on it. In fact, none of them did. Aw, and I was so proud of it. I might sniffle a bit, here.

I'm not done yet, though! I've been re-shaping this jacket into something that's me. Next up, I want to line the hood with fleece. Why? Sure, it'll trap some condensation, but fleece in the hood feels SoooOOOooo good. Also, it has the advantage of sliding around less on the head than the current nylon liner does. I also want to sew on some trim - right now, the jacket is just this great big olive blob. It's nice, warm, but it could look better.

And I might pick out the velcro that currently holds the storm flap down, and replace it with buttons. The problem is Velcro catches on too many things, and is a magnet for junk. Picking feathers and fur out of it is not fun.

I've got so many things I need to do to get this jacket mine! That'll keep me busy!

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