Thursday, 25 February 2010

A conversation that definitely took place.

From the Tundra Drums:
The new five-acre spot at the airport, near the hangar where the Guard parks Blackhawk helicopters, is a perfect location because of the military's transformation from a Cold War force to one prepared for new threats in the wake of 9/11, Katkus said.
For example, the military today strives to better protect airports and the armory's location will help provide additional security, he said. 

Mohammed Omar  enters into the cave, and kneels on the symbol of Al Quida.

OMAR: What is thy bidding, my master.

The ghostly image of Osama Bin Laden appears above the cave floor.

BIN LADEN: There is no great disturbance among the Americans.

OMAR: I have seen it.

BIN LADEN: We must strike fear into our enemy.

OMAR: Yes my master.

BIN LADEN: We must destroy.

OMAR: But where? New York...  Washington... we have done these.

BIN LADEN: Indeed. We must strike deep into their heart. We must strike them where they will never recover. York Model Railway Station.

OMAR: Isn't that part of another skit by a much funnier fat Irish man?

BIN LADEN: Was it? Damn that bald Irishman. Make a note: We crash an air plane into Dara O'Briain's house next June.

OMAR: Yes, my master.

BIN LADEN: No, what will truly break the will of the American pigs... is if we attack the Bethel Alaska's Airport.

OMAR: Bethel? Is that... wise?

BIN LADEN: Indeed. Our strike will come suddenly, and without warning. Yes, more people are in the average Reno Casino on a given day, than have been in Bethel ever, but this is exactly why it will work.

OMAR: But... my master... they have a new armory building, which was built in part through a homeland security justification.

BIN LADEN: Damn those American rats! They'll rue the day they thwarted me with their strategic protection of Bethel.

OMAR: continues to kneel in uncomfortable silence.

BIN LADEN: Just as well. We probably should not split our resources from our plan to attack the true hub of America, Great Falls Montana.


Melissa said...

Ha! Love it!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Yeah, the US military guarding the Bethel "airport". Sigh...

Better go put some electric fencing and barbed wire around the airstrip across from Ann's Greenhouse!