Friday, 12 February 2010

Glacier Brewhouse in brief

I tried a number of beers while I was in Anchorage, some of which I even remember. Friends don't let friends review while under the influence, but there is one place I want to mention. Me and a good friend went to the Glacier Brewhouse in downtown Anchorage, and tried their wares. Without the time (or atmosphere) to do proper reviews, here's a quick list of things I tried.

  • Imperial Blonde: Thumbs down. Saccharine.
  • Belgium Imperial Stout: Thumps down. Shots of flavour? Serious?
  • Cherry XXXMas Triple Bock(?): Thumbs up. Shockingly balanced.
  • Brown Ale: ???. If you're out of a beer, DON'T RECOMMEND IT.
In all, I'll get some of their stuff to do proper reviews. But I wasn't impressed with their craftmanship.  I'd probably give them an over-all C.

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