Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Lawyers for Lamprey?

Switzerland as a country has officially jumped the shark. Well, they would have, if they hadn't have decided that Sharks deserve better. On March 7th, they're going to vote on whether animals deserve lawyers.

They're going to vote on whether animals deserve lawyers.

The debate took on a new dimension two weeks ago when prosecutors in the canton of Zurich accused an angler of having tortured a large pike, because the battle between man and beast took about 10 minutes.
Goetschel, in his capacity as the canton's animal lawyer, was in court to represent the dead fish. He regrets that the case, which isn't typical of his work, received so much attention.
Wh... what? Huh? Who? Seriously? Seriously?
I need a lawyer to represent me for all the pain and mental anguish this story has caused me trying to wrap my head around it.
On the other hand, dead fish have feelings too, I guess.



gpc said...

The real issue here is that lawyers need work. Have a heart. ;)

Arvay said...

This particular case sounds silly, but there are horrific animal cruelty cases that come up from time to time that do need prosecution.

Here in the U.S., though we consider them crimes against society, so the animals don't need their own lawyers. I wonder if it's some wacky legal thing in Switzerland, that the only way to prosecute animal abusers and torturers is to have lawyers for the animals

TwoYaks said...

Won't somebody think of the lawyers! :(

@Avery: I don't think that's really the case, given Switzerland already has very strict animal rights laws. Some of the most strict, in fact. The proposed law would take that and going a much further, into bizzarro land.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

That's just WRONG!