Thursday, 4 February 2010


So, supposedly a study using brain scans found that 4 of 27  patients in a vegetative state could actually answer questions. We're invited to feel horror at the thought of being locked in. Indeed, that seems horrible.

But, on the other hand, they found that a dead salmon did a lot of thinking in an fMRI, too.

These people, in the fMRI world, have what we like to call "Problems" with their statistical methods.


gpc said...

Either that, or the state of deadness is very different than we have so far surmised. Also an unsettling thought.

TwoYaks said...

Imagine being improperly diagnosed as a dead salmon by your doctor. It would be terrible, forced to lay there as they ship you around on ice to the states, then sell you in a small corner of the market where everyone can see you. The end comes mercifully fast, when someone makes a lovely Salmon Linguine. ;)

flying fish said...

Great, now I have to write a longer living has to include don't you dare do a fancy MRI on me because I'd rather be fettuccine than linguine. So complex.