Thursday, 11 February 2010

A new trick

I learned a new trick.
Click on that to enbiggen. The raw file is mammoth. I took about three photos and stitched them together. This let me use a greater zoom on my lens, so there's more detail.  Yes, yes, I know, everyone's been doing photo panoramas for forever. But it's new to me. I've just arrived home 20 minutes ago, and I've started putting together several from the drive from Ankrits (aka, Anchoragua, Aka, Los Anchorage, aka, Little Seattle, Aka, the Capital of Alaska™). Aside from the road icing (which was considerable), the drive was gorgeous. I wish I could get someone else to drive, so I could spend the whole time clicking away with my camera. 

Sadly, my wolf picture didn't come out. But I've now seen wolves crossing the road a few times. Not surprising, since that part was a high density wolf area. But still, some of our grad students don't believe anyone has that kind of luck.

It's funny. As gorgeous as Anchorage is with its tall mountains, the ocean (I miss open water), its luxuries, and its great snow, I'm glad I'm back in dirty, musty, slightly run down Fairbanks. Fairbanks really is a place after my own heart, but large enough to have a theater and a theater bar!

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