Thursday, 29 April 2010

2010 Semifinals

Here's what I picked and how I did:
   1. Caps in 4.    Habs in 7
   2. Fliers in 6    Fliers in 5
   3. Sabres in 7.    Sabres in 6
   4. Pens in 5.    Pens in 6

And in the west

   1. Sharks in 5    Sharks in 6
   2. Blackhawks in 5    Chicago in 6
   3. Kings in 7    Canucks in 6
   4. Wings in 7    Wings in 7
So I got exactly 1 right (wings). And I missed the Habs upset, and the Canucks win. I guess that makes me worse than chance. :p
Honestly, I don't see the habs going far. Most of the Caps SOG were easy shots. Halak is good, but not that good. Canucks I'm pleasantly surprised. I can live with that! ;)

For next round: Pens in 6. Honestly, I see aggressive play pushing through their defence (believe me, I'll dance if Sid loses!). Boston in 5, Boston is hitting harder, and so Fliers can't play their physical game. Wings in 6 - SJ has a morbid fear of the Wings. Skilled, with a smoking hot goalie and 40 yearolds who can skate like they were born on ice. Chicago 6 - I'm shakiest about this. I didn't catch enough BH's games to get a good feel for them.

So I can put it in writing, my cute hockey loving friend had her picks, and I'm recording them for posterity. She figures "Flyers in 5.  (Pens, if they win, will take 7. Habs in 6 if they win.) WC - Wings in 5. Hawks in 6." ;) She cheated though - you're not allowed to pick both teams to win!

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