Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Bear Rancher update

Remember Charlie the Bear Rancher? He's the guy who decided that he was going to feed a whole mess of bears dogfood for years. He was training them to... who knows. Musically fart Easter hymns, for all I know or care. The man is clearly not engaging his brain, if he thinks romping around with bears is a fantastic idea.

Well, the Bear Rancher has plead guilty to feeding wildlife, and is going to get slapped with some fine and probation. I don't see this stopping the next brilliant person who wants to do this, because the state let it go on for 20 years before acting. Treadwell was a good demonstration that Bears are not Pets.

The commentators in ADN, as usual, prove we have the brightest and best here. Some people asked why they're going after a guy who feeds bears when they only tried and punished people engaged in the wanton waste incident in the North-West. Like this fine person:

This man taught us a lesson that hopefully the youth of today will remember, that harmony is possible under the proper conditions. As usual, the authorities must impose their will upon those who don't conform. I can only imagine the price of his fine might equal the value of his property. This is just plain wrong, we have a person who feeds bears in a remote location and is looking at a minimum fine of 20K. And meanwhile back on the tundra we have a caribou slaughter that results in a comparative wrist slap.
I think the blindfolded broad with the scales has lost her freaking mind.
Ah, yes. Because, you know a guy who can afford to ship 10,000 lbs of dog food to feed bears each year just can't take a fine. Where is he going to find money to feed the 2011 bears, I ask you? Why, with such a large fine, he won't be able to feed bears for at least five years! Big brother is out to get us!!!!one
pkidwell  wrote on 04/07/2010 06:41:11 AM:
I long for the days when the government will get out of our lives and allow us to live as we had before the kooks took over.
Don't you love how this person just claimed Charlie the Bear Rancher is one of the sane, normal people needing protected from the "Kooks?" Nothing says "Normal Behaviour" feeding bears for 20 years to train them to do stuff. Why, that's our god given right to do that!

Anton_Chigurh  wrote on 04/07/2010 07:52:22 AM:

A 100 years ago no one would have given a care in the world as long as he was not hurting himself or others. Complete government take over of almost every aspect of our lives is on the horizon. You'll see
Top on the Obama commo-fascist take over's agenda is to take your god given, constitutional right to feed random bears and strip them like ladies at a Republican fundraiser in Vegas. Yes, it turns out the New-World-Order is mostly concerned with getting states to enforce laws they had before the New-World-Order. How insidious.

Alaska. Seriously:

Top Photo by Alaska Department of Fish and Game / The Associated Press


themadengineer said...

I'm surprised to hear that feeding wildlife is actively illegal in Alaska.
It's illegal where I'm from too, but to my knowledge no one has ever actually been arrested for it.
It's legal where I live. Albeit a good way to get all the rangers really really irritated at you.

TwoYaks said...

Yeah, it's actively illegal. Usually, people aren't prosecuted. But this guy was doing it for 20 years, wouldn't stop, and actively flaunted his feeding bears on TV, telling people it's okay. At which point the state went "Eeeeeeeh. Okay, we can't ignore that."

Sadly, we get `brilliant people` like Chuck the Bear Rancher on a regular basis. : /

themadengineer said...

If it's any consolation, the entire country, nay, the entire world has quite a lot of "brilliant" people too.