Thursday, 29 April 2010

More Navel gazing

I won't commit much more time to the Habs' upset over the Caps beyond this, except to point where the Caps went phenomenally wrong:

Can Ovechkin have similar success one day? Yzerman was drafted in 1983 and won his first Cup in 1997 -- not a time frame destined to cheer Washington fans, especially this morning. The Wings faced some of the same criticism the Caps are now hearing, specifically, that the team was built for the regular season, not the playoffs. Eventually, that changed.
Ovechkin is a polarizing player in ways Yzerman wasn't. He is brash and bold and would rather spend his $9 million on Dolce and Gabbana than, say, haircuts.
But Yzerman had one advantage over Ovechkin: From the start, he was the ultimate team player. Heck, his nickname was the Captain, a moniker usually reserved for yacht club blowhards and Tennille's musical partner. 
 Exactly this. Ovechkin (Or Overcompensating Ovi, if you prefer) acts like he's in it for Ovechkin, and no-one else. He doesn't create opportunities for his line. When he's hot, the caps are hot. When he's not, they're not. His club deserves more than that arrogance.

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