Friday, 30 April 2010

Wow, this takes me back: A mac SE online simulator! I actually started using computers at a very young age, thanks to my father (who is a giant "nerd", and I have inherited all his nerdness ;) ). But it seemed like we only had old computers, so I started with very outdated machines that we'd all play with (and fight over who got to use the computer!) and gradually we moved forward through time until I moved from home and finally got the money to buy a new and shiney computer of my own.

Is it strange to be nostalgic for an old computer? Is it strange to think of old computers as "Old?"

Better still, the computer simulator has tetris on it! Woo hoo!

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Alaska Steve said...

Commodore 64 with the optional 128k tape drive . . . I used to play the Flight Simulator for hours - the graphics were just polygons but the physics were correct!