Friday, 9 April 2010

PETA: Now with thoughtful ads.

It's not the content of the ad - I'm pro-spaying/neutering.
It's not that I have love for the "Octomom" - she's pretty tasteless.

But, PETA putting up this ad in Octomom's lawn? Tasteless. Octomom accepting money for this ad to be put up in her lawn? Tacky.
And that's exactly what happened: Tasteless, meet tacky.
Oh, if only there were some sort of hole in the ground both PETA's board and Octomom could fall into, to live out the rest of their lives without us having to hear from them ever again... I can dream, can't I?


Anonymous said...

For the love of everything holy, what's next?
Strange bedfellows is an understatement - or maybe not...

TwoYaks said...

Every time I think PETA can't be any more tacky, they scrape new lows. So, I fully expect this own't be the worst thing they do.

Anonymous said...

Well I can't exactly blame her. She's got 8 kids and from the article it looks like she might be evicted soon. Yes, there's probably more going on, but still.

I'm also amused that to get people to spay and neuter, PETA decided to put cute kittens on their poster. It just seems... counterproductive.

TwoYaks said...

@anon: Maybe they're softening up the Audience for an ad that says "Spay/Neuter if you hate puppies."