Thursday, 15 April 2010

Just an down-home woman.

Someone unearthed a copy of the contract Sarah Palin makes people sign to book her for a speaking engagement. Among the requirements are

[...] one of the many requirements that must be met for the former vice presidential hopeful: two unopened bottles of still water and "bendable straws" must be waiting on a wooden lectern.
Bendy straws. Because she's a woman of the people. And then there's her airplane and hotel requirements... Read the whole thing here. She's definitely gone Hollywood. If she's just your average hockey Mom, I'm the king of Spain.


Arvay said...

I'm no fan of Sarah Palin, and I, like you, think those lists of celebrity demands are ridiculous. But I wonder if they get misinterpreted sometimes. Suppose someone asked me to give a talk, and asked if I might like to have a snack afterwards. And I said, "Sure, an apple would be nice." And they said, "Oh, what kind?" And I said, "Mmm... uh... how about a Braeburn?"

Someone could later report on this conversation: "Arvay demands that she get a Braeburn apple when she gives a talk! Oh, no other apples will do for you, will they, Miss High and Mighty Braeburn-eater!" I could totally see that happening.

TwoYaks said...

I might be inclined to believe that, if it weren't for the other evidence (such as the shopping spree), and the fact that bendy straws and private jets are written into her /standard/ contract.

Not that I'd begrudge her that. In fact, it's common for celebs to have that kinda stuff. The issue is that she tries to pretend that she's not a celeb, but an ordinary person with ordinary issues.

Arvay said...

Oh yes, I agree with you there! And she definitely dresses way more expensively than she would have us believe!