Friday, 15 May 2009

The Amazing Randi

I've always been fond of James Randi.

How many people can introduce themselves with `The amazing` as their title? The Amazing James Randi is a magician who shows how people could fake supernatural powers with slight of hand or gimmicks. In this way, he's like Hudini, who after he lost a loved one, was so infuriated by people offering to talk to the spirits of the dead (for a small money, of course) that he went on a crusade to expose their tricks to the public. James Randi is also a very funny guy.

There's a story in the Guardian about his Million Dollar Challenge. That's where if you can show that you have supernatural powers under scientific, observed conditions, you get a million dollars. It started back in the 60s, and all that money is still sitting around. And it's not because people don't try to win it...

I wish I had some of his funniest videos to share, but the best of them were taken down off YouTube. Sad.

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