Friday, 1 May 2009

PETA actually gets one right!

AN ANIMAL rights organisation has asked the Oxford English Dictionary to change its definition of the word ‘fisherman’.
Normally, that gets a Yawn. PETA does more moronic stunts all the time. Kentucky Derby's coming up - how much you want to bet at some point someone will have horse blood thrown at them? No doubt they'll compare someone to Nazis. One of their cretins will light some cars on fire, and maybe rough up a few stable hands before the race. The usual. But then I saw their definitions:

Peta offered the following revised definitions of the word: l A person ignorant of, oblivious to or indifferent to the fact that he or she is inflicting pain by catching, suffocating, stabbing and gutting fish; someone who is hooked on cruelty.

Yawn. Not even creative.

l A person who “relaxes” by impaling water-dwelling animals; often a person too out of shape to participate in a real sport.

Ever see PETA people up close? They tend to be really frail. Need to eat some fat and protein! Anyhow, yawn again.

l A man looking for an excuse to wear thigh-high waders.

Oooooooh. I actually like that one. 's true. I tend to wear chest waders, myself, but it's easy enough - just say `any excuse to wear waders.` My one complaint is that it leaves women out of fishing. I think they thought that'd be more insulting that it actually is... : )


CabinDweller said...

Heh. Sign that you've been living in Alaska too long: you've been propositioned while both of you are wearing waders. (While useful, waders are not a flattering garment.)

gpc said...

From what I've seen, CabinDweller, waders are the ONLY flattering garment for some men.

Finnskimo, its more than just a name... said...

Waders (or rubbers as we call them) are the only form of footwear for us northerners right now. Its a long slow melt.

Maybe they could have a definition in the dictionary for PETA as, "Urban people who are too lazy to raise, hunt and take care of their own food from start until finish, utilizing every section of meat, for the pure survival of their families. These urbanites would rather go to the store and buy lettuce to feed their souls. Often found harassing others, because their lives are much too mundane to stop themselves. Often times they are very pushy, almost like crazy Christians trying to push their religion onto you. Endangered in Northern Alaska, because Eskimo's won't deal with them."

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

What? You mean you need an excuse to wear rubber overgarments?