Friday, 22 May 2009

Presidential decisions

As soon as I can, I want to share pictures of the boat with you. I've been working on it without stopping for as long as I've been awake and not at work. In fact, yesterday, I ran out of parts I need (1/4th inch hardwood dowel rod) early, so I stopped early for the day (before 9pm being early). I wasn't sure what I was going to do with all this free time!

Does anyone else find Palin's claim that Obama is closing a car dealership in Alaska... kind of strange? I don't know much about the specifics of the situation, but she makes it sound like he woke up one morning and said "Morning hon. Kids off to school? I was thinking about closing a Soldotna auto dealership." I some how doubt this was the case. I'd think it'd have more to do with, you know, the fact that Chevrolet is blowing up like a poorly ventilated meth lab. Something that's been going on for quite some time, now.

Sometimes, I swear. Her being nominated for VP seriously effected her in the head.

Edit: Now with a link to a relevent story!


flying fish said...

I'm pretty sure Mr. Obama rubbed his hands together in a shifty fashion as he closed the (not actually closing) dealership in Soldotna.

Alaska Steve said...

KC, you're killing us with the boat teasing . . . but it's another great reason this is a great blog. You know your science, you do your part to educate the masses, good sense of humor, you write up a killer beer review (I've gotten hooked on the Belgian ales brewed by the monks lately - very unfortunate given the pricing structure by the time the beer makes its way from an Abbey to the Aleutians), and you tackle a boat build? A true Alaskan . . .

KC said...

Flying Fish: I imagine him acting a lot like the rich guy in the Simpsons. "Eeeeexcelent." But does that make Biden his efficient servant?

AK Steve: I got pictures, and I'll post them RSN! I've just finished applying a coat of marine varnish to the plywood portions, to start sealing it up. And I'm glad you like the beer notes. I like making them. ;)