Monday, 25 May 2009

Beer Notes from this weekend

If I haven't posted a beer review for some time, it's because I've been sober for about two months now. I decided it was appropriate to ease back into things, and after a few warm-up beers (on other days!) I've decided to tackle something new. Here's the review

Vuuve by Brouwerij De Regenboog

The bottle is minimalist. A brown 33cl container with a rose red label held on with what appears to be tape. Definitely not the work of a large manufacturer. The bottle is capped, not corked, and opens with a light spray. You're hit immediately with a floral bouquet of esters, even before you pour. Honey, coriander, and light citrus zest permeate the air. The beer pours easily, but is heavily carbonated. My first pour left more head than beer. I gently added more, allowing me to reveal the hazy amber colour against a backlight. The taste is sharp, both from citrus and carbonation, and leaves a crisp feeling on the roof of your mouth. At 5% ABV, there are no heavy overtones of ethanol. But the finish is dry, leaving your mouth like cotton. It's a very forceful witbier, and if there were a lineup, it would stand out like a Hockey Player surrounded by Cubscouts. It's vaguely sour, but not in a way you can put your finger on; it's not at all bitter. Unfortunately, it's yet another uni-dimentional citrus beer. Disappointing, given it's wonderful odour. 3.6 of 5. A solid B.

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Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Good to see you back on the right track mate.

2 months! How did you cope?