Monday, 18 May 2009

Construction and Cat Fights.

As a vaguely nautical sort of update, my boat is coming along nicely. The family has been privy to photos my boat, but until it is a bit further along, and I can take it away from my home, I won't be sharing it at blogspot. I know my anonymity is razor thin, but there's no point blowing what little I have. Sorry, folks! I can add that saws work great on humans and wood, a fact that I'm slowly shaking off. Just because they're slower than powertools doesn't mean hand-tools can't inflict some ouch!

I'm not the only one in summer construction mode. Apparently they're getting ready to re-pave Chena Hot Springs road. They claim it'll only take 3 months, which is an optomistic lie. It'll probably take closer to 5+ months. Oh well, so long as they do it before the aurora is out, and it's cold again. I don't much care if tourists have to deal with ugly road equipment on their way to go soak in a tub... :}

In sanctomonious idiot related news, PETA is out targeting medical students again. This time, they're going after emergency technicians who are trained in intubation on anestized cats. I completely agree. When we have medical personel intubading people, I want them to have never done it on a living thing before. It's the `toss them into the river and watch them sink or swim` school of education taken to medicine.

I have one stipulation, though. Under this training system, no new medical technicians are allowed to intubate me until they've learnt by trial and error on a few PETA members, first.


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

The last time they re-paved CHSR it was a complete disaster and huge mess. This time will be no different, IMHO.

What kinda boatcha buildin?

KC said...

Kayak. ~17.5 feet long. I'd tell you how long that is in metres, but since this build is all in decimal feet, and I suck at converting between the two unit systems, I won't risk it.

If you want really useless measurements, it's about 3 fathoms long.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

That'd be 5.334 metres, or 210 inches, or 2.9166 fathoms.

I like fathoms. They are good for you six drive! :)

Quite the kayak. When do we get to see photos?

KC said...

I need to secure the bow and sternplates before I can move it. Once I have them attached, they'll take the tension of the chines. I've already got the gunwales pegged in, so no worries 'bout them coming apart.