Friday, 8 May 2009

Magic Trucks!

To the editor:

I have come to the conclusion, after long thoughtful hours, that I own a magic truck. Now, many people would believe that it is just an ordinary pick-up truck, but not me. It is magic. It must be magic!

I glanced at the news, while wondering what to have for lunch (I think I'll have Raviolis, instead of the cheddar and bacon stew), and I was intreagued by the magic truck. I want a magic truck! What's it do?

Of course, I intend to clean the bed out at least once every three months whether it needs it or not. But I have a magic truck. The truck bed cleans itself automatically. I think the magic comes into play when I drive to North Pole on the Richardson. When I arrive, the truck bed is clean as a whistle. I love my truck.

I wonder if it works along Farmer's Loop... :)

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