Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Cauga una?

Here's last week's critter:
It's a wolverine! Dragonfly got it right! Some time, I want to learn how to trap them well, since wolverine is nice.
But trapping wolverine is more art than science. Not many people get it right... when they closed the Chugach, they didn't actually "save" that many wolverines. Wolverines just don't exist at high densities.

I re-learned some German this last week, because there were three really nice Germans helping out.
Was ist das?
Submit your guesses!


dragonfly said...

Where's my cookie?

Dumb non-trapper question incoming: when you say wolverine are nice, do you mean their fur? I've never heard of anyone eating one.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

And make sure the hood on your parka is made from wolverine fur. It doesn't frost up.

Saw one way off of Resurrection trail (before it got popular), very pretty.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

What is it? Ummmmmm... Swan? Bald Eagle? Moose? Some type of ungulate? Self portrait, perhaps?

TwoYaks said...

@Dragonfly: Wolverine is very special for a few reasons. First, as Dave mentioned, it doesn't gather frost. There's something about the chemical structure of the proteins of the wolverine hair that prevents it. Second, their pelts are very dense (though not as dense as a few aquatic mammals like otters). And because they're so few, many people seek them but few people get them. They're used for parka ruffs especially, and it's not uncommon to spend lots of money if you can't trap them yourself.

dragonfly said...

Neat- I knew it was dense, but I did not know about the chemical structure preventing frost build up, that's cool. Ty!