Monday, 1 June 2009

Hockey and other earthquakes.

I had some grand post in my head this morning, but I got distracted with the ill effects of yesterday's dinner (naulluugua :( ). So I think instead of a big post in the morning, I'm going to make a vague small post about how happy I am with the hockey game. I'm so pleased that the Red Wings got so far. I was ready for them to lose early this year... luckily, they didn't ask my opinion! I liked when Malkin tried to pick a fight with Zetterberg, thinking `he's already injured, he's an older player.` I was at Ivory Jacks, sorrounded by Pens fans, and they thought it was going to be all Malkin. But then Zetterberg proceeded to wallop Malkin bad. So crazy!

Oh, and for the first time, I finally felt one of our earthquakes yesterday. It was a good little shake. They reported 4.0 right after, but now the news is saying 3.8.

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