Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Counting birds

So, here's a picture of a flock of birds. Penguins, to be exact. How many do you count?
If you can count to 6, you've beat the refs at the last game. Apparently counting on two hands is tricky.

Yeah, Zetterberg might have covered the puck - maybe. Maybe. Other hand, Malkin should have been suspended. You had some just absurd dives by both teams. Tonight's slashing? I'll give it to you. Deserved a penalty. And some of the penalties they have called on either team have been laughable compared to what they let slide. It'd been like arresting jay walkers, while letting bank robers stride on by.

But a half minute of too many men on the ice takes the cake. The CBC broadcasters noticed it after just a few seconds. The officiating offically stinks.

Mike Babcock, when asked about it, bit his tongue:
"What do you want me to say? You know, see you guys tomorrow," he said.
Dang thing is, not much else can be done.

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