Monday, 22 June 2009

Organic Lunch

I did something I normally don't do. I tried to buy all organic at Fred's. I don't go out of my way to buy organic, typically, but paradoxically, I tend to eat a lot of organic food - wild game is about as free-range and organic as it gets. But what I dress that meat up in tends to be... uh. In-organic? Un-organic? Something like that.

So, I had a short list for yesterday - just around 10 things I needed from the store, and normally, it would have run me about 30 dollars. Most expensive purchase should have been the tortilla chips (mmm. Taco salad!). However, when I went through and got Organic stuff first (I couldn't find a few things as organic foods, like doughnuts. And I love a doughnut with my coffee), the most expensive thing ended up being the salad! All told, I ended up spending 65 dollars on food. Yes, I know buying organic is like anything - shop around - but really, 100% markup is something else!

And on top of that, I forgot to pack my lunch! Oh, well. I have my inorganic doughnut to tide me over.


Anonymous said...

This has always amazed me -
less sugar in ketchup means that it's more expensive,
organic whatever is more expensive than the stuff from some orchard in Mexico...
and we're all too dumb to understand what we're doing by making the choicens we make.

TwoYaks said...

Part of the expense thing in sweetened stuff is linked to what they use for it. High fructose corn syrup comes from (unsurprisingly) corn. Right now, the price of corn is on the rise. That's why it's in vogue to go back to sugar cane sugar - it's cheaper, right now. The fact that it's healthier, and less energy intensive doesn't really enter into their decision.

that's why they released `pepsi classic.` Purely the cost of sugar.