Thursday, 4 June 2009

iPhone readers report!

I have a question for my iPhone readers. I know there's a few of you, because of my tracking stats you show up as on `iPhone OS.` I want to hear from you!
I'm thinking about getting one, real soon now (After they announce whether they're going to be a new one or not on the eight). My concerns are a few-fold:

How's the reception around Fairbanks? I'm north of town right now, and I'm looking at a place on the other side of goldstream.

You know anything about jailbreaking them? I'd like to go with GCI. They don't have a great plan, yeah, but they work in a scattering of villages. And they're putting up more masts in other villages. Which is useful to me. AT&T... not so much.

What's the battery life /really/ like? Part of why I want an iphone is to use it as an ipod on flights. I've got a really long flight coming up outside, and I don't feel like napping for 16 hours.


dragonfly said...

I'm actually on an iTouch, so my answers to your questions are limited. I will tell you this: I recently got an LG phone with a touch screen and after getting used to the iTouch the LG annoys the hell out of me. It feels so clumsy, and the iTouch is more responsive and, well, elegant. If you figure out the 'jailbreak' let me know, I'll switch in a heartbeat.
P.S. Your blog is a good read.

KC said...

I've head that about the LG KP500, before. If I did go that route, I'd definitely go BlackBerry over it. It's not a very good phone.


Finnskimo said...

Just say no to Blackberry! Both my husband and I have them (him the curve, me the pearl) and we HATE them.

He bought an iPhone for my sister (our surrogate daughter) and HE loved did she.

So, last week on vacation, he bought one too. It is the best little gadget this side of...anything! You just need to purchase one of those mini chargers from Brookstone. Our 7 hours in a plane sucked the battery out, but the rechargable blast (I don't know what they're called) chargers will plug in, and charge up, then you can recharge your iPhone (or iTouch, which I have) four times before needing itself to be charged. :) They're great.

The apps you can get, EVEN for a village, work awesome. We use AT&T, and it seems to work wonderful even out here. We don't have internet through the cell service, but we have wireless at home and free wi-fi around town, so it will automatically pick up the wi-fi wherever you go.

yay for iPhones. Unfortunately, my blackberry is paid for by my company, so I'm stuck with it.