Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Uh-Oh... better update the will..

I have statcounter, which keeps track of how many hits (I average about 50 a day, weekdays).

On the list I found this... you might have to click to see it well.Uh-oh! COORS? And they're reading all the bad things I said about them... If I mysteriously disappear, tell the police to look for my body in the bottom of Molson Coors' brewing vats. I might be wearing concrete shoes!


fireweedroots said...

Checking the Statcounter can be scary at times - how, for the love of Pete, do companies find your posts? If I use a brand name, I usually exchange one vowel for a * - but that doesn't always seem to work.

Finnskimo said...

Cool. hahah. I'd like to be in your will. I'll take the unfinished boat.

I love statcounter, then I can FIND the people who say nasty things. And the ones who are trying to find, "little girl" on the internet. Crazy fools...your computer's are turning you IN!

TwoYaks said...

Fireweed: I know! Sometimes I get people from a company's IP address hit up a lot of my blog, and I have to wonder if it's because I mentioned them (often I did) or because it's some bored person at work...

Finnskimo: Ha ha! Okay, make you a trade. You come by and sew the deck on my boat, and it's a deal. ;)

I'm sure some of the searchers are pervs, but sometimes I'll have search terms when I'm looking for stock pictures for something. Though my terms are more like "Young lady wearing hat" or "Two kids playing ball" because I have a specific picture I want for either a slide, or something. I'm sure positive that if those people who I visited looked at their search terms, they'd go `What the heck?!?`