Wednesday, 24 June 2009

DIY Science experiments

This was too much fun to pass up. For all of you with children at home (or those of you with an adventurous spirit), I found a neat little science experiment that you can do at home with stuff you'll probably have laying around the house! In this video, this young lady shows you how to extract and see DNA from fruit using nothing but what you have around.

I'd be excited to see if any of you give it a try! What you would be doing at home isn't much different from what I do in the lab.


gpc said...

Cool. I tried it with strawberries - they are in season here and too good to waste, so I skimped on the berries, which means I also probably overdid the detergent. But it still worked. I can't wait until my grandchildren are a little older to do this with them! Come to think of it, I'll check to see if the 'magic school bus' series covers dna; if they do, my pre-school grandkids probably have enough understanding to make it worth doing with them this summer. Thanks! (your job is definitely more interesting than my job!)

Anonymous said...