Friday, 24 July 2009

Beer Notes from this Thursday

I had a Samuel Adams at my sister's wedding, but I thoroughly did not like it. This became an issue of contention, as my brother in law P proceeded to mock me for trying Amaretto and liking it, but not a proper beer as a man would. I make no apologies for liking amaretto, and point out that even given the premise that an amaretto is a "Chick-Drink," it only marginally offsets my overwhelming masculinity in that I've built my own boat, hunt my own food, and on one occasion hiked over 50 miles on a blown knee. In short, checkmate.

However, I am unlike P, and I am magnanimous. I am willing to forgive his slight, and try another Samuel Adams. I noticed a 6 pack of Samuel Adams Cream Stout in my store (Sam Adams is not a frequent entrant in my usual stores), and I decided to give their line another try. Here are my notes:

Samuel Adams Cream Stout by Boston Beer Brewing Company, Boston MA.

It comes in a fairly average bottle, not especially slender or thick, containing 12 Oz - about 35 cl in proper units of measure. The glass is dark, though translucent, and there's two labels, one around the neck, either of which seem reserved and appropriate. Interestingly, the cap was flimsy, and my bottle opener cut right through it.

This is a whispy, quiet beer which pours easily, and with minimal carbonation. It's a deep oak colour in my glass, with a razor thin ring of tan head. I'm immediately struck by the smell of cream, burnt molasses, and of yeast. Tasting it, this stout is smooth, clean, and with little bite. The cream doesn't stand out in this beer; instead, I'm drawn to its aftertaste, that of roasted coffee. There's just barely a sweet note, but it's lost in a big malty wilderness. At 4.7% ABV, it isn't terribly alcoholic, a fact that's reflected by the lack of even a hint of ethanol in its aroma.

It's drinkability is impaired by its particular combination of flavours which quickly wears out its welcome. However, this stout would make a fine dessert beer. A solid offering. B+, 3.8 out of 5.


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Sounds about right. Sam Adams cream stout is definitely better than most US domestic beers, but has a long ways to go to a real cream stout.

Don't they limit the amount of booze in US beers?

Sorta OT: It's bottling day!!!

dragonfly said...

Great review- your descriptions of tastes and flavors are wonderful. I can never think of the words to describe something like a flavor. I love that you examine the bottle/ label, too - the whole experience of consumption includes all the senses, including the feel of the bottle in your hand.

My taste in beer ( if you can call it "taste") is not as complex and discerning: I drink Corona Light with a hefty shot of lemon in it, and it doesn't even have to be fresh lemon. It does, however, have to be icy cold. Yes, I drink what I've been told is "girly beer". So my two- cents of
appreciation for your review may not amount to much but
there it is - I enjoyed it!