Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The Fox that left a gift, and voting in Bethel.

Via The Tundra Drums: A group of people who speak Yup'ik and the ACLU dropped their suit against Bethel for inadequate and incomplete translations on their ballots after the two came to an agreement on ballot translations and having translators on site. Trained translators. Who know that they're translators before election night. People actually willing to translate...

I'm glad they came to that agreement. I'm... disappointed? that it took a lawsuit to make people come to an agreement. Luckily, the ACLU bankrolled it, because lawyers are pricey.

The lawsuit against the state continues, with the State being less open to the idea of equal rights. Who would have thought that it'd be so controversial with the state? (Yes, aside from you...)

Something strange happened to me, yesterday. I've mentioned how there are foxes living around my home. A lot of them. I don't mind it, because they keep the tire eating rabbits on their feet, and none of them have chewed on my tires this year. Well, yesterday at around 11pm, far past my bed time, a fox came up and dropped a young, dead hare in front. I would show you pictures, but no one wants to see pictures of a dead rabbit.

The fox walked around a little bit, before leaving. I have heard of cats bringing dead birds as presents, but foxes bringing presents? I can't figure out what went on, and I think I might just file this as life being weird.

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