Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Computer Criminal

I'm writing this as I bang my head against a monitor, frustrated beyond words about how incredibly awkward transferring all my data from one work computer to a new work computer has been. I'm using Windows Easy Transfer, which has an incredibly deceptive name because there's nothing easy about it.

Among my many issues is that it won't transfer applications, which means I need to re-install hundreds of work applications one by one, ensuring I get nothing done for the next week.

I'm told the justification is that Microsoft thinks that transferring computer programs is incredibly suspect. The logic goes that if you legally own a program, you should be able to re-install it yourself.

I can take this a step further: if you legally own the data, you should be able to transfer all your documents itself. So why have Windows Easy Transfer move anything at all?

I'm tired of being treated like a criminal... It's bad enough that people treat me as suspect and dodgey in normal, day to day life. My computer should not be treating me like I'm out to break the law, too.

And to top that off, by treating customers as criminals, you've totally removed any incentive for your customers to follow the law. It wasn't until Microsoft decided to give me the giant electronic middle finger that I started thinking, gee, I want to pirate some software, just to spite Microsoft. I probably won't, but the thought is now definitely in my head.

Hey, Microsoft, Sony, Apple, and the rest of you computer jerks: Let me use my software. Or consumers will start using illegal versions of your software that get around your roadblocks, and your cash stream will dry up. And this isn't a threat, it's basic economics.

And this, of course, is on top of how badly Vista stinks to begin with. >:(


Anonymous said...

When I saw the picture in this post - I thought you'd had a break-in in your office. Very apt illustration though, since getting to your own material in a PC is almost like breaking in...

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

I hear ya mate!

gpc said...

Gosh, the transfer of data went really easily when I moved it from Mac to Mac . . . . sorry you're having trouble.