Monday, 27 July 2009

Special happenings.

Something special happened in Fairbanks, yesterday. I'm not talking about the stepping down of you-know-who (I attended that!). I'm not talking about my Blog's Anniversary, either. Or the wildfires that decided to shower us with ash, and cause my airways to constrict (Thanks fires!).

No, yesterday, the sun set!

"What?" You say. "It does that daily!" Well, it might go down, but it doesn't set. Civil Twilight is defined as the time when the sun goes 6 degrees below the horizion, something It hasn't done for a few months now. This (somewhat arbitrary) benchmark denotes when it gets truly dark outside, as opposed to just dusky or dawn...y. If you were up last night, you would have needed to turn on a light, or just stumbled around in the dark, because we had 47 minutes of the first Night we've had since the sun went up in mid-may.

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Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

And it gets warmer and warmer down here...