Saturday, 25 October 2008


I was lacing up to head out, and my boot burst a seam! I had to wear my pac-boots to go out, and they're far too warm for this weather (It's only -25°C this morning, not like the frigid +20° C DaveDownUnder is forced to endure). I guess I had this coming - I'd long since worn the liner out of them, and my feet were cold unless I was actively moving, when I was wearing them. And the liner was one of those sewn in liners. So to have it pop is just the damning kick-in-the-butt to tell me that I really need a new pair now (I've, in no order, lost both origional laces, tore out an j hook (which I re-attached), wore out the liners, and seperated the heel. Not to mention they weren't that colour when they started ~7 years ago. I went around some stores to poke at boots, but apparently short boots are fashonable these days for the 0 to -20 sort of boot.

Driving back, I got stopped by a train. Strange thing was, the train wasn't moving. It was just sitting on the tracks. I sat there patiently, but other cars (which are unusual sights before 1pm on a weekend!) slowly bailed out to try and find a way around the train. I presume they didn't, because a few of them ended up behind me. :)


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Get yourself some bunny boots, mate! You don't even need to lace them up till -30 C.

Hmmmm, it was rather cold today down here... only got up to +76 in the shade... I had a flannel shirt on for most of the day... barefoot though... pool kept it's heat overnight...

Is that the train crossing on University Ave between College and Geist? The darned thing used to stop all the time when the long train of tanker cars came through, I see they still do.

Have you ever been to the switching yard along Phillips Field rd? The long tanker trains (heating oil and aviation fuel) are so long that by the time the front reaches the yard, the tail hasn't even crossed Uni Ave! Hence, the wait while tankers are uncoupled, other loco's brought in, tankers shuffled, and all that stuff.

Next time you see that, back-track and zip around to the Johanson where it's raised around the Aurora Drive and the northern part of Peger Road area and goes over the tracks and have a look down at the train: That is a LONG train!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Oh, that's +76 F, btw.

KC said...

Don't need more bunny-boots: I already have a pair of pacboots. Problem is all those days it isn't -30°C, or when I'm really active outdoors. Which happens a lot, both of them. What I need is a pair that won't get my feet too sweaty between 0 and -20/30C. Oh, and something with a high draft, to keep the snow out (unlike, say, today). Because /dang/ I hate snow down the shins. ALmost as much as I hate a face full.