Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Random thoughts, bulletpoint style

Some bullet points.
  • I abandoned Google Analytics after messing with it for a while. I can't get it to work again. Switched over to StatCounter with @Cathy's suggestion. Turns out I already had an account with them. Huh.
  • Hey, wasn't the weather supposed to warm up, here? It's still been -20 to -30°C these last few days, despite promises last Friday it'd be tropical by now. I feel cheated!
  • The Wings have been winning this last week, but I'm not ready to fly the jolly-rodger. SO against the Kings last night? You're kidding me. It's the LA Kings. It's like being tied up by Lathrop Highschool, it's just embarrassing for an NHL team. And that's been their week. 'Nooks have had an even worse mixed-bag, of which I will say no more.
  • I foxes in my area. They're raiding me nightly. This annoys me. I've never trapped for fox, but now is a good time to learn. If I trap now and say `defence of property` (which is of dubious permissibility), I'd have to surrender the whole thing to the state. Best to wait until Nov 1st when I could just trap it under a general license.

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