Sunday, 5 October 2008

Not that I get to do it myself, I like mushing. I suppose it's like saying I like the idea that there's salmon in a river that I won't ever go to myself - that someone else is deriving enjoyment from it is enough for me to like it, at least conceptually. How's that for over-intellectualizing something?

Anyhow, I like mushing, and stuff, but sadly, mushers are like all humans - there's good and there's bad. I've got a couple bad near me. Real jerks who don't take care of their dogs, don't keep them under control, and probably don't actually mush. I pray to god that these dogs aren't put to any exertion, anyhow, because they're not taken care of. It'd be like asking Oliver Twist to go do some push ups.

I bring this up, because I've been thinking a lot about the feral dogs in the area. You can hear them howling recently, and I know they're not someone's domestic animals 'cause they come from the refuge side. Geese are a) gone and b) don't howl.

Anyhow, I'm pretty sure those feral dogs were dogs that belonged to one of these incompetent jerks, some of the dogs that got loose. I've had one loose-dog come to my home, and I made an attempt to get it before it started biting at me and I decided to screw it. My ex-neighbour, the one who died in the crash, ended up grabbing it when it started playing with his dog. What about the dogs that don't get grabbed, eh?

Anyhow, these animals currently running free have been known by the borough since back in June. I think it's time for the citizenry to step up further, since it's pretty obvious that tegustet aren't going be much help here. Or, they're trying, but their success is pretty thin.

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