Thursday, 2 October 2008

More guests for dinner!

PhD comics has helped countless grad students slack off when they could be researching - Jeorge Cham, the author, says he's proud that he probably prevented some grad student somewhere from curing cancer because they were too busy reading comics. This week, he has a mostly tongue in cheek graph about grad schol enrollment, and unemployment. Except it's not too far off base, from my point of view. I know U-Utah had a big cohort enter last year, I gather UAF had a normal sized one, but this year UAF has a larger cohort of graduate students. Oddly, I seem to recall UAF undergrad enrollment is slightly down. And though I can't find Fall 08 data, From Fall 07 to Spring 08, we had more Ph.D. canidates, but fewer masters+Ph.D students - from 1015 to 1003.

In other news, I won't be able to watch the Palin debate at the 'Loon. I've got too much stuff that needs to be done at home. Damn shame, too. I was looking forward to it. Anyone else get the impression that the bar has been set so low for Palin, in this debate, that so long as she doesn't advocate eating babies she'll come out ahead? Biden has no where to go but down.


Arvay said...

The author is the brother-in-law of a friend of mine. Most of the extended family is Chinese-Panamanians. They would be quite cold in Alaska. :)

KC said...

Hah! Small world, eh? That's neat, to be not-quite-but-kinda-not-really-at-all related to a sortoffamousinaway guy. ;)

Though! I have to take issue! I think if all the Filipinos in the state could get used to it, anyone can. :) A lot of Filipinos came up for the cannery industry in AK, and lots of them subsequently settled down to make homes here. So much so that the first language translation listed in Alaska's Division of Elections thing isn't an Eskimo or Indian language, or even Spanish, but Tagalog:

Arvay said...

The most unfathomable part to me is that they love humidity. My friend told me how uncomfortable she was in the Arizona desert, which she found less comfortable than the high humidity of her home. Crazy, huh?