Monday, 13 October 2008

Beer Notes from this Weekend

I tried `Negra Modelo (dark)' by Grupo Modelo, despite the fact I'm not usually a lager fan. I put my thoughts on the beer below. I'm not sure where you can get it in this area, since someone else bought it for me.

Negra Modelo: 3.7/5. B.
A dark burgandy with light carbonation that almost immediatly seems to fade. Little head retention. Smells of yeast with a slight under current of spices. Taste is viscous, cool and creamy across the tongue. It has a light oaken notes, with a light nuttiness and sweet undercurrent. Not a very strong tasting beer. There's a delayed, slightly bitter aftertaste that fades quickly. Drinkability is high, because its inoffensive play in the mouth, and because it doesn't bludgeon you with either flavour or alcohol.


Alaska Steve said...

Negra Modelo is one of my favorites, it isn't stellar but it's consistently good. I home brew out here on the island and am bottling a batch this afternoon. I agree with you totally - life is too short for cheap beer . . . cheers!

KC said...

Agreed; it's pretty not-bad for a Lager. Nice, mild spicyness to it. I'd imagine it'd go great with things with strong flavours.

Oh, I wish I had the time to homebrew. I know homebrewing is one of those things you make time for, though. Used to be good friends with some Utah homebrewers, when I was stuck down there. Learnt a lot (and drank a lot!) from them. I periodically think about making a go at it.