Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Think back about 7 years, to late 2001. Right after the terrorist attacks. I think we all remember where we were then, except for those 6 and 7 yearolds, who have been raised in the bizzarro world that's taken over since then. Anyhow, remember how all the news outlets were saying that finally Irony is Dead? You can google it, and read over all those stories again and again. That's what I love about google. I'm not sure how I wasted time before it, but I'm pretty sure it involved disreptuable things.

Anyhow. "Irony is dead." Naïvety, or good old fashioned stupïdety?

Speaking of stupïd, how about that Dow, eh? It's canteering around like a drunk on a snowmachine. We're getting told that it's okay because it went up yesterday, but that's like saying the guy swerving all over on the road is fine because he's in the right lane for the moment. Technically it's true. But under those criteria, it's a good thing if you light a person suffering from frostbite on fire. It's sort of missing the bigger picture, eh?

So I want to do two sciencey posts. I got one on movements in badgers, mostly on the grounds that badgers look awesome, and a thing on rapid lizard evolution, on the grounds that Down Under Dave reminded me of them. We'll see how fast I get either written, because HouseMD is on tonight, and that's what little pop-culture I get. :p


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

LOL!!! So, I kinda like remind you of rapid lizard evolution?


KC said...

Hah! I'd correct you in what I meant to say, but I like your interpretation so much better. It's very wonderfully non-sequitur.

`Excuse me. You remind me of rapid lizard evolution. Have we met?`